Our promise

Only the best Berlin start-up jobs for you.

We will find only the best Berlin start-up jobs for you and make sure that you are happy in your new job and that the company is stable providing you a new life and a new career. We help you to make your dreams come true. We will guide you and hold your hand when needed.

Our process

It's easy with us.

We have designed a simple process to get you started as soon as possible. We help talent to find the best job opportunities for them in Berlin. We take away the risk of a global move by supporting the visa process, adaptation to a new country and company culture, and providing resources to smooth the transition.
  • Getting to know you

    • Find each other / review CV
    • Screening Interview
    • IT Tests
    • IT Interview
  • Getting to know the company

    • Matching done
    • Company interviews
    • Offer Management
  • Getting here

    • Visa Setup
    • Setting up your new life from away
    • Arrival
  • Ongoing support

    • Ongoing coaching
    • Networking and peer groups
It's not only about getting a job but about keeping and excelling in the job.
Andrea Fernandez, Founder

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